King City, Ontario, Canada


If you have a question that is not answered below, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If your looking for an original piece of art designed for your space - Let me know your preferences & I will try to assist you with ideas and provide you with a quote based on your budget. A non refundable deposit of 50% is required at the start of the project and the remainder before shipping once the project is complete.

It depends on how many commissions are in the works - first come first serve but they can take up to 1 month to complete especially if the art is to be shipped as it needs 2 weeks to fully cure after its complete before it is packaged. At the time of the order - I can give you a better estimate on how long your project would take.

I can customize all types of mixed media art. It really depends on what your preferences are. Geode art can be on solid birchwood gallery panels or free form wood of any shape/size that I cut out according to your choice. It can be on one piece or a set of multiple wood panels.

I also use gallery stretched canvas for certain abstract mixed media pieces and can also frame it for you if you choose at an agreed cost - saving you framing costs which can be very expensive.

All my art will have some type of crystal/gemstones in them to add that extra touch of texture and positive energy to the piece. Unless you have other specific requests.

I also create/customize functional art pieces or minis (smaller art pieces) such as serving trays, charcuterie/cheese boards, jewellery/ring trays & coasters. These pieces,smaller & more affordable -make for great gifts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers or any special occasion. Especially if you add personalizations to them like names, dates, birthstones or logos (for a business).

Shipping costs will vary depending on the size of the art and shipping location. Generally speaking the larger the piece and the farther the shipping location - the higher the shipping costs. If you live locally, I can arrange with you for a pick up time/place of the art to save you money on shipping costs.

Resin art in reality is no more expensive than traditional art.

Though epoxy resin art requires lots of time & patience - not including the safety precautions that need to be taken to work with it. Each piece is multiple layers of resin that need to cure 24 hrs at a time. Time, fine detailing by hand, real crystal gemstones and the price of epoxy resin all add to the cost. That does not include potential cutting & shaping wood for free form art, priming, personalization, framing or finishing which is also very time consuming.

My prices are not set at the high end of the market currently - to make it more affordable for everyone but this may change in time with higher demand. I also offer payment plans for those who request it.

Nothing compares to receiving a one of a kind custom art piece that brings a smile to your face on a daily basis and will be cherished forever.

The resin I use is FDA food safe - and while I trust that it is, I would still recommend using the non resin part of the board to serve the food on your charcuterie/cheese boards. When I create them I leave plenty of space for that in my design layout. So you can entertain with style without the potential worry.

The Resin I use for coasters is a different resin that I recently switched to because it is heat resistant up to 400F as other art resins I've used in the past have not lived up to that expectation with heat resistance of 120F. Making them much more durable & scratch resistant.

Anything can be customized. No project is too big or too small.

A piece of large high impact art to fit a specific space for the home or business. Names, colours, crystals and or birthstones can be added to any piece.

I also create/customize functional art pieces or minis (smaller art pieces). Such as serving trays, charcuterie/cheese boards, jewellery/ring trays & coasters. These pieces, smaller & more affordable - make for great gifts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers or any special occasion. Especially if you add personalizations to them like names, dates, birthstones or logos (for a business).

Yes - I can accomodate a payment plan by putting a piece of art aside for you until all agreed upon payments are made but payments are non-refundable once a piece is reserved for you.

Everybody should be able to own a piece of art that brings them joy. Contact me directly for that.

If you are interested in renting a piece of art contact me directly to discuss options.

Rent can range from $50 - $100 a month depending on the size of the art. After the rent agreement is up, you can keep renting, return it, swap it for another available work or purchase it. This is ideal if you want to see how a piece of art looks like in your home or you are a stager/designer or realtor.

Please note - this service is not available for minis or functional art. The renter is responsible for the art while it is in their possession. If it is damaged it has to be bought!

If the unfortunate thing happens and art arrives damaged from shipping, please provide photo documentation within the first 24 hrs so I can figure out what happened with the shipping company from my end. 

This is an unlikely event, thus it is treated in a case by case scenario. In certain circumstances I can offer partial refunds/ store credit or replacements depending on the severity of the damage and the specific circumstances.

When resin is fully cured, it is like glass. Dusting a piece of art with a soft duster or dust cloth is sufficient. If necessary a soft damp cloth works for fingerprints or smudges.

With serving trays, a soft damp cloth or soap, warm water and a soft sponge also works. No dishwasher please!

Resin art is heavier than regular art on a canvas & thus requires proper stud screws in the wall. If you are unfamiliar please get a professional or someone who knows how to do this to set it up for you.

My pieces already come with the appropriate hanging wire & D-rings for the weight of the piece installed. So it is ready to hang if the appropriate wall screws/studs are in the wall. Unless you wanted to hang the art not vertically but horizontally or vice versa from how I've set it up. Then you would attach new D-rings and thick wire similar to mine to hang it at your preferred angle.